Friday, January 9, 2009

Another day in a fishing/surfing paradise being tortured with a broken arm. It seems the local paper is cashing in on the 'shark frenzy' this summer although I'd be more concerned with the amount of boating/river deaths so far this year. Apparently 300 million sharks are slaughtered each year; I'd wager that this is fractionally greater than shark fatalities on humans (The last death in NZ was way back in 1976). I don't reckon the media does the fish any favours with shock headlines directed at ignorant bumpkins.
Still, there is some beauty to be found in the garden... Ain't that nice.

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Bernie said...

people are just plain facinated by sharks - did you see 4000 people turned up to sit in the stinking hot sun outside Auckland museum to watch a great white being disected last week?